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payments digitalization dynamics remain strong
The events and trends of 2020 have undeniably created a changed global context for payments. Change in 2020 takes place four or five times faster than before.
The transformation of merchant acquiring
Continuous growth
The merchant acquiring business has been a key driver for a fast-growing and very attractive payments market over the past several years.

Emerging markets are still expanding at double-digit rates. In mature markets, attractive growth profiles exist in non-traditional verticals.
More opportunities
Healthcare, business services, recurring utility and housing payments continue to offer double-digit growth opportunities.
Market shift
Acquiring market has been reshaped by technology, state regulation and customer demand changes.
Robust growth of payments sector draws for new competitors.
The shift from cash to digital payments is putting pressure on acquirers to transform from simple payments processors into technological platform provider.
The growth of digital payments points to the necessity for acquirers to develop and continually refresh reliable payments strategies to remain competitive.
Changing customer needs raise demands on acquirers
"Digital-first" merchants onboarding
Although the merchant onboarding experience has historically had limited impact on provider choice, digital-first merchants are starting to influence onboarding timeline expectations.

A large global acquirer recently digitized its onboarding journey, reducing time to market from two and a half weeks to less than four hours. While this is impressive, some leading acquirers can accomplish the same in as little as five minutes.
Merchants are looking for a better deal
While the overall number of transactions continues to increase, the true revenue driver is the electronification of transactions—namely, away from cash—which more than offsets the downward pressure on fees. Smaller retailers are resistant against using traditional POS terminals due to high terminal costs and lack of flexibility.

Merchants are looking for a better deal on cost and integration, wider service range.
Growth of merchants terminals market
However, during the past several years, few terminals vendors kept the dominant position on the market. Currently, the point of sale terminals market become highly fragmented with the presence of a large number of new and strong players that occupy around half of the market share. To maintain low costs, acquirers need to have very robust with flexible configuration Terminals Management system which has multi-vendor support.
Acquiriers teaming up with retail outlets
By teaming up with retail outlets in low-income, often hard-to-reach areas, financial institutions can create value both for themselves and their new customers.
This approach can be especially powerful when serving the unbanked because of its ability to reduce banks' cost-to-serve and reach low-income workers where they live.
The high costs and lack of flexibility of traditional POS terminals have galvanized smaller retailers into using alternatives solutions to meet customer demand
Smart workplace the Merchant
The merchant terminal turns into a smart merchant workplace. Merchants demand for lower-cost smart terminals with multiple modern services support.
Contactless card payments
Contactless payments with plastic banking cards, digital virtual payment cards, digital wallets apps of customers smartphones.
Payments with QR code
The QR payments become more popular in the worlds. The modern terminal should be able to proceed payment using customer presented QR or terminal should generate QR for the customer to initiate and authorize payment via his smartphone application.
Cash-in / Cash-out support
Financial services that merchants can offer to their customer, like cash withdrawal or cash out with or without the payment card at merchant counter. The other operations could be cash deposit, cash-in, phone account top-up, payment of the utility bill etc.
Payments with biometric verification
The payment using selfie or fingerprints is not the future anymore. The authorization using biometry is becoming new normal. The smart POS terminal should be ready for the new challenges which are already here.
Self check-out
From fuel tanks and vending machines to car parks and automated supermarket checkouts, self-service payment is becoming more popular all the time. Unattended merchants terminals enable fast, simple and safe self-service payment.
Non financial transactions
Merchants are willing to engage more closely with financial institutions and ready to provide financial services to the underserved population, like account opening, SME loan initiation, debit/credit card request processing, etc.
Merchants are more than willing to switch providers, with as many as half of SMBs saying they are willing to change their payments solution provider if offered a better deal on cost and integration.
Merchant Smartphone App
The Soft-POS Merchant's App
The Soft POS is a new and fast-growing merchant's smart workplace that allows to accepting contactless payments on Android smartphone without using any additional hardware, like a dongle or smart card reader.
New merchant onboarding time including terminal assigning time is critical for the Acquirer business.
Device and applications management
Centralized multi-vendors merchant's devices, such as POS, SmartPOS and SoftPOS
management and monitoring system
Digital onboarding
It is essential for any acquirer to get new merchants and signed them up. But many would-be merchants are hesitant to get started due to the complexity, bureaucracy and time efforts of the entire process of getting signed up. Instead, they apply to third-party providers like PayPal and, as a result, end up with higher fees and larger monthly bills than necessary.

Simple, seamless and digital merchant sign-up (or on-boarding) process is an important part of the merchant engagement process. The automatization and optimization of banking internal processes of legal checkings, business risks evaluation and POS terminal assigning using one platform is key to short onboarding time and show to the merchant the best service from day 1.
Self-Service Merchant Portal
Acquirers can increase its operational efficiency by providing merchants with online access to their real-time payment data.
Such a simple step from the Acquirers can significantly improve merchant satisfaction and business efficiency by enabling merchants to proceed most operation and request through the Self-Service portal.

Using Self-service portal, Merchants can raise various requests on different topics such as transaction reversal, authorisation clarification, or clearing clarification. Each request is configurable to suit the acquirer's approved workflows.

Acquirers can improve communication to merchants with automated notifications and messages, enabling merchants to gain online business overview by visualising data through the portal dashboard.
Terminal Management System
Silverlake Terminal Management System (TMS) is ensuring the full cycle of Merchant PoS Terminals and Merchant Smart devices management from the terminal initial setup, including a remote key injection to payment transaction processing or invoice customization.

«Remote key loader» for distance injection of a set of cryptographic keys into the terminals during POS terminal installation outside bank premises (for example in retail shops premises) and can accomplish the final step of onboarding in as little as five minutes.

POS receipt customization for every merchant has a great value-adding effect for successful transaction finalization.
Agency banking is a new idea in banking
Financial institutions are teaming up with retail outlets, such as convenience stores, gas stations, and post offices to deliver financial services in hard-to-reach areas.
Reaching out through agent
A majority of the emerging markets' low-income workers and expats, who do not use financial services live in areas that are difficult and expensive to serve. Most of these communities lack bank branches but do have other retail outlets, such as convenience and grocery stores, gas stations, lottery kiosks, pharmacies, or post offices.
Lower Cost new customers acquisition
The unbanked population convenient access to financial services in their own communities. Financial institutions reach a vast new customer segment. Agents increase their sales volumes and have an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with customers.
Additional sales channels
Capture loan applications in the field and allow is easier loan repayments at trusted agents. Reach into the 'last mile' by providing agent-assisted bill payment and micro-ATM services closer to banks customers.
KYC compliant customer Onboarding
Easy, manageable and KYC compliant customer onboarding, with document and biometric data capture of new account applicants.
Silverlake Acquiring Platform
Full-fledged acquiring business automation and management platform
Silverlake Acquiring Platform enables Acquirers to digital onboard merchants and banking agents, manage merchants and banking agents accounts, provide centralized multi-vendors terminal management, supports complete life-cycle of multi-channel payment acquiring, including card payments and QR payments, in a secure and regulatory compliant way.
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